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Suver Haze is an interesting strain of hemp flower that comes with intriguing genetics. This strain originally came from the southern area of Oregon. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain has been created from another strain, Neville’s Haze.

It’s interesting to see the path breeders took to create this hemp strain. It was a special female strain, with experts believing that strain was called Krishna’s Special Sauce. It also used a male strain called Neville’s Haze. From these two strains, breeders choose a phenotype that had just the right characteristics they were looking for, and thus Suver 8 was born. Then, breeders took the Suver 8 strain and bred it with ERB and the new strain was born. Industrial hemp flower Suver Haze has a low THC  percentage while it has a high CBD percentage.

Strain Type Sativa
Cannabinoid Profile CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBDVa, THCa, Δ9-THC (less than 0.3%)
Terpene Profile β-Myrcene, Farnesene, β-Caryophyllene

Suver Haze Strain Genetics

This strain of hemp flower was created with some special characteristics as the goal. One of these goals was for this strain to have high CBD levels. This is why this strain has an average of 17.5% CBD. It has a terpene profile of β-Caryophyllene, Farnesene and β-Myrcene.

Another goal for Suver Haze was that it should resist mold and give breeders higher yields. The highly selective breeding that created this strain has resulted in a special hemp flower.

Suver Haze has an interesting and unique genetic profile. It looks like Special Sauce and has similar genetics to this strain. If you like Krishna’s Special Sauce, you will certainly like this hemp flower strain too.

Suver Haze Flavor Profile

The meticulous crafting of the Suver Haze strain has a strong and quite rich flavor profile. with a strain of this genetic caliber, it’s no wonder why the taste is so strong. The terpene allows for an earthy flavor that has just a hint of orange in the taste that gives it the perfect balance. Trying this strain will make you feel like you’re walking through an orange farm barefoot.

This may sound like a strange analogy, but for those who have given this strain a try, they will agree. It’s better to experience this hemp flower strain yourself instead of just reading about the experience. Because of the terpene profile already mentioned, this hemp flower has an amazing flavor.

Suver Haze Strain: Reported Effects

This strain has effects that are just like the standard experience of the Suver Haze CBD flower. Suver Haze is great for times when you just want to lay back and chill for a while. It comes with a recommendation to smoke it during the day or evening. It isn’t a night strain because of the effects it has. The effect overall of Suver Haze CBD is a lifting one, and it can give you a relaxed, resting state for hours just as other CBD flower strains do.

Please note that the effects of Suver Haze or any hemp or CBD product may vary between individuals. With that being said, these “Reported Effects” may not be the effects you would experience. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute or alternative to information from a certified health practitioner. Before consuming any hemp or CBD product, you should always consult with your certified health care professional regarding potential interactions or other possible complications.


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