The Lifter CBD Strain is named the way it is for a good reason. Lifter CBD is known to be delicious. This hemp flower is rich in CBD and lifts the user’s spirits and allows them to be able to relax better. It’s the perfect lazy afternoon CBD strain.

This strain was given this name to honor Mortgage Lifter, a famous tomato cultivator. To grow this hemp flower, it is kept indoors and nurtured with the rich soil that is found in and around Colorado Springs.The aroma of the Lifter hemp flower is skunky but sweet. It’s strong scent is what you may notice as soon as you are around Lifter CBD at first. Then, you’ll experience its sweet taste that is reminiscent of tropical fruits. It also has subtle hints of blueberries and an earthy flavor.

The cannabinoid profile of this hemp strain is what’s behind the sweet smell and taste. It has so many great characteristics that it often becomes an instant favorite for users who discover it.

Strain Type Sativa
Cannabinoid Profile CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBCa, CBDVa, THCa, Δ9-THC (less than 0.3%)
Terpene Profile Guaiol, a-Bisabolol, Nerolidol

Lifter CBD Strain Genetics

The Lifter CBD strain is a hybrid of Suver Haze and Early Resin Berry (ERB).

The smell is both sweet and woody, and this makes it a great-smelling plant.

The green buds have subtle undertones of brown. It also has a high production level of trichomes, giving this plant a frosty appearance. It has long buds that are wispy in appearance. When you look more closely at it, the buds look like someone has stretched them vertically.

This hemp strain has an interesting cannabinoid profile. That profile includes CBGA, CBC, CBD, CBCA and more. These cannabinoids are mixed in with the terpene blend. Those include Limonene, Myrcene, Farnesene, Bisabolol and Pinene, among others. All of this gives this strain a strong entourage effect on the user.

Lifter CBD Flower Flavor Profile

This hemp flower smells great, and its taste meets expectations. It has a flavor that is both earthy and reminiscent of tropical fruit with a touch of blueberry. Vaping or smoking this strain gives users a unique taste of nature such as wood, grass or bark.

Lifter CBD Strain: Reported Effects

With a diverse range of cannabinoids and terpenes, including a whopping 17%+ CBD content, the Lifter CBD strain has reported to be a favorite amongst day time users searching for an all-natural energy boost. In addition, users report that Lifter is great for addressing inflammation and chronic pain; and with below 0.3% THC content, the Lifter Strain is federally legal and won’t get you high.

Please note that the effects of Lifter CBD Strain or any hemp or CBD product may vary between individuals. With that being said, these “Reported Effects” may not be the effects you would experience. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute or alternative to information from a certified health practitioner. Before consuming any hemp or CBD product, you should always consult with your certified health care professional regarding potential interactions or other possible complications.


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