Hawaiian Haze

Like other strains of hemp flower with exotic names, there are a lot of myths that have sprung up around the Hawaiian Haze strain. Some of this hemp flower’s fans are convinced that this strain was developed in Hawaii to take advantage of the volcanic, mineral-rich soil. This is supposedly an explanation for Hawaiian Haze’s powerful effects and its enjoyable tropical flavor.

Strain Type Sativa
Cannabinoid Profile CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBCa, CBDva, THCa, THC (less than 0.3%)
Terpene Profile β-Caryophyllene, β-Myrcene, β-Pinene

Hawaiian Haze Strain Genetics & Characteristics

This strain is a sativa cannabis that gets its name from the strains it comes from. It also gets its name from its scent that brings to mind tropical flowers and fruits such as pineapple. It also has woody undertones like pine. When the buds are ready to be harvested, the buds are a memorable green-blue with pistils of deep yellow and crystal trichomes in a thin layer.

Hawaiian Haze was developed by breeding together two sativas strains- Haze and Hawaiian.

This strain is famous for its light green leaves that are thin. Sometimes, there are delicate orange streaks that can be found on Hawaiian Haze.

Once people get ahold of Hawaiian Haze CBD, they will often say that it feels delicate and light. It certainly doesn’t have a reputation of being one of the denser strains available. 

Hawaiian Haze Flavor Profile

This Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower strain is known for its powerful flavor. Many of those who use this strain say it has a fruity taste, and the fruit tastes tropical such as mangoes and pineapples. When you smell this strain, you can also pick up the subtle scents of guaiacum, pine and just a dash of pepper.

The terpene in this strain that is most pronounced is myrcene. This shouldn’t be a surprise given the fruity taste of it and the myrcene that is in mangoes. Guaiol and alpha-pinene are additional terpenes that you will fine in Hawaiian Haze, with guaiol adding floral flavors and alpha-pinene adding earthy ones. It isn’t a spicy strain, but there is just a peppery touch of beta-caryophyllene in it as well.

Hawaiian Haze Strain: Reported Effects

Using Hawaiian Haze often causes a heady sensation. It is common for it to cause people to be fully of energy and talkative. Because of these effects, it’s usually recommended that people use this strain in the earlier hours of the day to keep it from interfering with sleep at night.

Please note that the effects of Hawaiian Haze or any hemp or CBD product may vary between individuals. With that being said, these “Reported Effects” may not be the effects you would experience. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute or alternative to information from a certified health practitioner. Before consuming any hemp or CBD product, you should always consult with your certified health care professional regarding potential interactions or other possible complications.


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