Whether you simply enjoy vaping nicotine instead of smoking, or vape because you’re trying to kick the nicotine habit, hemp vapes may be a viable alternative. There are a lot of hemp vape advantages to consider, especially when compared to those nicotine-filled options. We may be a little biased at TIMBR, but hemp vapes benefits are truly hard to ignore. Take a look at some reasons to choose hemp vapes over nicotine vapes.

Top Advantages of Hemp Vapes Over Nicotine Vapes

On the fence about making the change from nicotine vapes to hemp vapes? The hemp vapes vs nicotine vapes debate is ongoing, but there are irrefutable hemp vape advantages to consider.

1. Hemp vapes are not addictive

Unlike nicotine, which is considered so addictive that it’s comparable to opioids, cannabinoids found in hemp are not known to carry the same addictive properties. For example, cannabidiol (CBD) is well-tolerated with few side effects to speak of and is not known to lead to tolerance or withdrawal with heavy use.

Hemp vapes are not addictive

As a bonus, CBD has been examined for its potential to support people who are trying to give up other addictive substances and behaviors. There have even been studies carried out on humans to determine if using a CBD vape could help people get over a tobacco addiction. The results led to the participants smoking around 40 percent fewer cigarettes.

2. Hemp vapes tend to hit smoother

When you take a hit off of a nicotine vape, you almost always get this telltale burn at the back of your throat. While all types of vaping can potentially cause a bit of throat irritation, the added nicotine seems to make the burn a bit worse.

One of the things people who switch to hemp vapes appreciate is the fact that you usually get a smoother hit. Because vapes made with hemp extracts don’t contain nicotine, the irritation on the throat is generally not as bad. As an adage, high-quality hemp vapes are flavored with natural terpenes derived from the hemp plant. These may also be less likely to cause throat irritation than sugary flavor additives found in a lot of vape fluids.

Hemp Vapes hit smoother

3. Hemp vapes contain beneficial cannabinoids

Even though a hemp disposable may not deliver a dose of nicotine, what you will get is a nice dose of cannabinoids with every hit. For example, a TIMBR Apple Fritter hemp vape serves up 500mg of cannabigerol (CBG) in each disposable. Likewise, the Fire OG vape gives you 500mg of full-spectrum hemp oil, which is chock-full of cannabidiol (CBD) and other valuable cannabinoids.

Contrary to nicotine, cannabinoids actually deliver a lot of therapeutic value. For example, CBG may offer neurological benefits, target digestion issues, and even have antibacterial properties. CBD may target stress and help you relax, which can be especially important if you are trying to quit smoking nicotine-laced cigarettes.

4. Hemp vapes offer familiar strain flavors

If you enjoy vaping nicotine vapes because of the flavorful experiences, there is a lot to be said for hemp vapes. These vapes are usually modeled after the strains the extracts inside are derived from where flavors are concerned.

If you are familiar with specific cannabis strains and want to experience those flavors in a vape, you can usually find a product that delivers. For example, a TIMBR Orange Cookies hemp vape offers citrus and vanilla notes thanks to the terpenes that make up the hemp strain.

5. Hemp vapes don’t carry the same risks as nicotine vapes

All types of vaping can come along with potential risks to the respiratory system. However, most of these risks are related to the different ingredients that are added to nicotine vapes and vape fluids. For example, some flavor additives are known to cause lung irritation.

Hemp Vapes Don't Cause Lung Irritation

By contrast, hemp vapes from a trusted manufacturer are made with pure plant extracts. Even the flavors of the vape come from the natural terpenes found in the plant. Therefore, some of the risks that come with nicotine vape fluids can be avoided.

Get Hemp Vapes from a Trusted Brand at TIMBR

When you want to experience the fullest benefits of hemp vapes, it’s ever-important to trust a well-known brand. At TIMBR ORGANICS, our disposable hemp vapes are made using full-spectrum extracts from hemp strains you already know, such as Jack Herer, Fire OG, and Apple Fritter. Each vape is pre-filled with 500mg of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil, tested for quality and purity, and built to deliver an enjoyable experience. Check out our full lineup of hemp disposables to find your favorite.

Hemp Vapes from TIMBR