While smoking hemp has had a recent resurgence, it’s been a common practice for centuries. Learn all about smoking hemp and discover 3 ways to smoke CBD in our latest guide.

When Columbus made his way to America in 1492, the Europeans were officially introduced to smoking tobacco in pipes. To enhance the experience, some folks incorporated some herbs into the tobacco to improve the flavor of the tobacco and the overall experience. One such herb used around that time was hemp.

Why hemp? Basically, it was accessible and cheap. From that point in history, smoking hemp became something of a norm, but the practice fell away when hemp got lumped in with other forms of cannabis plants with high THC and made illegal several decades ago.

With everything we know about hemp and CBD today, it’s only natural for people interested in the therapeutic qualities to begin to question, “Can you smoke hemp to get CBD?” You definitely can. Here are a few things you may want to know about smoking hemp.

What are the Advantages of Smoking Hemp?

Benefits of Smoking CBD | Timbr Organics

CBD is one popular cannabinoid, so you can find it incorporated into gummies, suspended in tinctures, and hanging out in creams to put on your skin, just to name a few. While all these hemp-based products have their own advantages for the user, smoking CBD can also yield a number of perks.

1. Smoking hemp is a familiar process for some

If you’ve smoked cannabis in the past, smoking hemp is a familiar thing. Taking tinctures or applying topical CBD simply is not the same.

2. Smoking CBD may deliver faster effects

Smoking CBD is actually one of the fastest ways to feel the therapeutic effects. Some studies suggest the effects can kick in with a few seconds to a few minutes and may last for as long as two or three hours.

3. Bioavailability may be enhanced when you smoke hemp

Smoked CBD goes straight to your lungs and into your bloodstream, which means you lose less of the valuable hemp constituents in the consumption process. The beauty of this is the CBD and other beneficial agents may be present in higher concentrations by smoking it.

4. You get to enjoy the flavor and aroma of the hemp

There’s something to be said about the opportunity to enjoy a new flavor profile or new aromatics. When you smoke hemp, you get the full experience of the plant. CBD incorporated into other products rarely offers the same experience.

5. When you smoke hemp, you get a full-spectrum experience

Typical CBD products may not offer the full spectrum of constituents from the hemp plant. Smokable hemp naturally does.

How to Smoke Hemp or CBD 

Luckily, new hemp legal statuses across the country in 2018 have made it possible for growers to cultivate some of the most gorgeous hemp plants to hand off to anxious consumers. This day and age, tracking down new ways to actually smoke hemp is easy because there are companies like TIMBR Organics who specialize in CBD smokables.

Just as it is with marijuana, the methods of smoking hemp can be diverse and each serves up its own advantages. Here is a look at three good ways you may want to try smoking hemp.

Hemp Flower

Best Smokeable Hemp Flower | TIMBR Organics

There’s just something magical about the bud of a hemp plant, and rolling your own with raw plant material can be somehow therapeutic in itself for some users. Plus, when you have a good source for quality hemp flower, you get your hemp packed perfectly in a sealable container for freshness. Of course, having raw CBD flower also means you get to experiment on your own; roll different types of joints, drop a nugget in a bong, or use the flower to make your own edibles.

Some advantages of smoking hemp flower include:

  • A more traditional form of flower to use
  • Pick from various strains and CBD concentrations
  • Smoke the flower however you choose

Buying hemp flower also usually means you get more flower to consume. for example, TIMBR Organics offers hemp flower containers all the way up to seven grams, which is well enough to enjoy smoking CBD several times.

Hemp Pre Rolls

Smoking CBD Pre Rolls | Timbr Organics

Hemp flower pre-rolls deliver convenience and authentic hemp-smoking all rolled up into one joint. Typically, pre-rolls will come in a standard “blunt” size, which means they will be packed with about a gram of hemp. Pre-rolls also usually have a mouthpiece incorporated to make smoking every last bit of hemp in the roll as easy as possible.

Some of the advantages of hemp pre-rolls include:

  • Convenience and ease of smoking without having to roll your own hemp joints
  • A hefty amount of hemp in one joint; can be shared or smoked on a few occasions
  • Delivers a nice combination of CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids
  • Familiar way to smoke flower

TIMBR Organics hemp pre-rolls are packed with higher-quality hemp bud, which means you won’t find the joint stuffed with low-quality biomass or trim to up the weight. As the end-user looking for the best hemp smoking experience, good quality means you can enjoy the richest hemp, chock-full of cannabinoids like CBD and phytochemicals like terpenes and flavonoids. And, of course, less than 0.3 percent THC.

Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp Cigarettes | Timbr Organics

Even though cannabis use as a whole has grown more socially acceptable, and smoking hemp is not about getting high, there’s still a certain stigma attached to running around with a joint. So, can you smoke CBD and avoid onlookers giving you looks? You absolutely can—especially if you are smoking hemp cigarettes.

Even though hemp cigarettes are no new idea, for the longest time and for completely unfair reasons, these smokes were outlawed and inaccessible. Now that hemp is fully legal, hemp cigarettes are making their way back into the lives of people who want the therapeutic benefits of the plant in the most inconspicuous way possible.

A few of the advantages of smoking hemp cigarettes include:

  • Smokable hemp in a more socially acceptable form
  • An inexpensive way to try smoking hemp for first-timers
  • Hemp cigarettes are convenient and easy to smoke

One potential benefit of hemp cigarettes (or smoking CBD in general) is the cigarettes could perhaps be used as a replacement for those who are trying to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, hemp cigarettes do not contain nicotine. One randomized controlled trial performed on 24 smokers in 2013 found that smokers with CBD inhalers for a week smoked about 40 percent fewer cigarettes on average.

Smoking Hemp: The New Way to Enjoy CBD

There you have it—you should be well-versed in the most happening ways to smoke hemp and why you may want to smoke CBD yourself.

At TIMBR Organics, we offer a collection of top-quality, smokeable hemp products. From hemp flower and vape pens to hemp smokes and pre-rolls, in unique hemp strains like Hawaiian Haze, Special Sauce, Suver Haze, and more. Or–if you’re looking for a different way to enjoy CBD while still getting maximum bioavailability–try one of our top-selling disposable hemp vape pens!

Whichever type of product suits your lifestyle, there’s a TIMBR Organics product for you. Shop now to discover why TIMBR Organics is one of the fastest-growing hemp brands in the industry!

Thanks for reading our latest guide. We hope that this article helped to inform you about the advantages of smoking hemp and the different ways to enjoy smokeable CBD.

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This article is not intended to serve as a substitute for advice or consultation from a certified doctor or health professional. Before trying CBD or hemp flower products, it is strongly advised to conduct your own research and consult with a licensed doctor. While the World Health Organization considers cannabidiol to be “generally well tolerated with a good safely profile,” more research is needed to properly evaluate the safety and efficacy of CBD for general use.

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