Did you make a resolution this year to finally get rid of tobacco?

Without question, there are plenty of reasons to eradicate a tobacco habit from your life. And, most people who smoke tobacco feel the same since quitting tobacco ends up as one of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions about every year. Unfortunately, quitting tobacco is also one of the hardest resolutions to keep.

Could hemp cigarettes be the cigarette alternative that makes 2023 the year to keep your resolution? Maybe! Take a look at a few reasons why it may be a good idea to trade in your tobacco cigarette for a hemp cigarette for good.

Why Trade In Tobacco for Hemp Cigarettes?

When you’re trying to quit smoking tobacco, whether it be from cigarettes, snus, or hookah tobacco, hemp cigarettes may be a viable replacement for a lot of reasons. The benefits of hemp cigarettes may even help you curb your cravings for nicotine and help you through the day with a replacement activity that feels familiar. Check out a few good reasons to trade in your tobacco cigarettes for smokable hemp.

Drop the nicotine habit

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. This is why so many people that attempt to quit smoking on January 1st fail—the withdrawal process can be brutal. You may face:

  • Overwhelming cravings
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Difficulty focusing and concentrating
  • Feelings of restlessness and agitation
  • Fatigue or trouble sleeping
  • Depressed or anxious thoughts

Why Switch to Hemp Cigarettes

While tobacco is a natural source of nicotine, hemp is not. In fact, TIMBR Organics Hemp Cigarettes are completely tobacco and nicotine-free. While you won’t be getting the nicotine you crave with hemp cigarettes, you will still be going through the motions when you smoke, which can potentially make the transition easier.

Take advantage of therapeutic cannabinoids

Hemp is chock-full of therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes that give your mind and body something good instead of nicotine. And, in some ways, these compounds may help you get through the withdrawal process when you’re giving up tobacco. For example, CBD (cannabidiol) is recognized for many therapeutic properties, many of which can be supportive when you’re working through nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Take a look:

It really is no surprise that CBD has been shown to reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms in a few animal studies. The therapeutic properties of this hemp-derived cannabinoid may be just what you need to help you leave tobacco cigarettes behind.

Hemp Cigarettes - Sleep Support

Tobacco is known to produce around 7,000 chemicals when it is ignited. Around 250 of those chemicals are established as being harmful to humans. One particular area of concern with tobacco is tobacco-specific nitrosamines, which are well-known to be carcinogens. The World Health Organization has stated on more than one occasion that smoking tobacco is a top cause of disease that is preventable.

While smoking hemp may involve some level of risk due to the smoking aspect and the respiratory system, the risks simply are not the same as with tobacco. Many of the damaging compounds that come from tobacco smoke come from questionable growing processes. For example, tobacco is often treated with pesticides and fertilizers. This is something the cannabis industry as a whole has worked hard to negate by following more organic and natural growing processes.

Hemp Cigarettes FAQs

If you’re considering trading tobacco for hemp cigarettes in 2023, you may have a few extra questions. Take a look at a few things to know before making the switch.

Do hemp cigarettes cause intoxication?

If you opt for standard hemp cigarettes, no. Hemp is naturally low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the primary intoxicating cannabinoid in cannabis. However, if you pick up something that is high in delta-8 THC like TIMBR Organics Delta 8 THC Cigarettes, these can be somewhat intoxicating.

Hemp Cigarettes Legal

Hemp cigarettes are legal in most states as long as they contain less than 0.3 percent THC. The government passed a bill in 2018 that made hemp products legal. However, some states do have restrictions regarding smokable hemp. Be sure to check out the laws in your state.

What do hemp cigarettes taste like?

Hemp cigarettes offer a more robust flavor than tobacco cigarettes, and, many claim that hemp tastes a lot like cannabis flower when smoked. This enhanced flavor is due to the terpenes found in hemp.

Hemp Cigarettes May Be the Key to a Tobacco-Free 2023

Could 2023 be the year that you finally get rid of tobacco for good? With hemp cigarettes, it very well could be. At TIMBR Organics, we specialize in providing high-quality, smokable hemp in many forms, including hemp cigarettespre-rollsflower, and hemp disposables. If you’re ready to make the change, be sure to take a look at our full collection.

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