Disposable vapes are kind of a big deal—they’re convenient, discreet, and portable. So, naturally, hemp vapes were destined to become a highly sought-after item, and that they have. There are so many hemp vape advantages that you just can’t get from something like CBD oil or even flower. However, when it comes to shopping for hemp vapes, there’s always a big question: how long do disposable hemp vapes last?

The short answer is, it depends. Here’s a look at the hemp vape advantages and exactly how long you can expect hemp vapes to last.

First, a Few Hemp Vape Advantages

Essentially, hemp vapes give you cannabinoids on-demand. Whether you’re after the therapeutic effects of CBD (cannabidiol) or CBG (cannabigerol), or you’re looking for the alternative uplift from delta-8 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), hemp vapes give you immediate access.

Vaping or smoking hemp has long been known as one of the fastest delivery methods to get the desirable cannabinoids into your system. Generally speaking, most people feel the effects of vaped cannabinoids within about 15 minutes. Further, inhaled cannabinoids may be more bioavailable than something ingested because the cannabinoids don’t have to go through the digestion process.

Discreet hemp vapes

Another major benefit is the discreetness of hemp vapes compared to other delivery methods. Smokable hemp flower offers a traditional experience, but smoking hemp may not always be possible. This does produce a smell, and you have ashes to contend with. Plus, smoking is not allowed in a lot of public places. Hemp vapes, by contrast, are discreet, don’t have a lot of smell, and can be used more acceptably in public.

Since a lot of people use hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD to target specific issues, it can be convenient to have immediate access to a vape as needed. For example, if you’re feeling a little nervous about heading in for a job interview, a few vape hits can be just what you need to get a quick dose of CBD. Or, if you need to chill before bed, a few hits from your Apple Fritter hemp vape is a simple solution.

So, how long do hemp vapes last?

There are two things that determine how long a vape will last: the amount of extract in the vape and the duration of the battery.

When it comes to hemp vapes, most are outfitted with a simple battery that is specifically chosen to last through the anticipated number of puffs the vape can deliver. This is determined by how much extract is preloaded in the vape. With these things in mind, the main thing to look at when buying a hemp vape is how many puffs the vape is expected to deliver and how many milligrams of cannabinoids you are getting.

So, how many puffs are in a hemp vape?

Generally speaking, disposable vapes of all kinds tend to last between 100 and 400 puffs. However, the number of puffs can also vary depending on how big the puffs are the user takes—some people have more lung capacity or prefer deeper puffs than others.

hemp vapes how many puffs

If you were comparing the number of puffs to something like hemp cigarettes, 400 puffs may be compared to about a pack. Of course, extracts used in hemp vapes are more concentrated. Therefore, you may only need a puff or two or a Fire OG hemp disposable, whereas you may need to smoke an entire hemp cigarette or more to get the same level of cannabinoids. This is because, with a vape, you’re getting concentrated cannabinoids and no plant matter to burn through.

Disposable hemp vapes are pre-filled with a measured amount of hemp extract and a certain amount of cannabinoids. For example, a TIMBR Jack Herer Hemp Vape contains 500mg of full-spectrum hemp oil. We offer the estimation that this vape will last about 150 puffs considering the amount of extract and the life of the incorporated battery.

hemp vapes from TIMBR Organics

Find Quality Hemp Vapes at TIMBR Organics

When you trust a quality name for hemp vapes, you can rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth—whether in terms of how many hits per vape or the overall effects. At TIMBR, our disposable hemp vapes are created with your money and your experience in mind. Made with lab-tested, full-spectrum, high-quality hemp extracts, every cannabinoid-rich hit delivers on what’s promised. Take a look at our full collection of hemp vapes to find your favorite.