Without a doubt, if you are ready to try CBD (cannabidiol) or other hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBG (cannabigerol), you have no shortage of ways to get those cannabinoids into your life. From infused CBD oils and CBD edibles to hemp flower and hemp vapes, every product offers a unique experience. Hemp vapes and CBD edibles are easily two of the most popular products, but is vaping CBD better than eating it? What’s the difference, really? Take a closer look at both below.

A Closer Look at Hemp Vapes

Hemp vapes are vaporizers that contain a battery and a heating coil. The heating coil heats up a cannabinoid-infused oil when you push a button, you inhale the oil, and the cannabinoids enter your system. The different types of CBD oil or extract used with the vape make all the difference in the end experience.

How to Vape CBD

Vaping CBD is made possible by using a vaporizer, which is essentially a heated coil that vaporizes the cannabinoid-infused oil so that it can be inhaled. Vaporizers (vapes) can either be disposable or a reusable device that you buy replacement cartridges for or refill with a specially-made cannabinoid-infused oil.

The amount of product you need to vape can vary depending on a number of things, such as the product potency, your tolerance, and even what you want to feel. However, most people simply take a few hits as needed. Be sure to start with a lower dose and work your way up as a beginner. For reference, a vape cartridge that contains 100 mg of CBD would deliver 1 or 2 mg with every puff. Be sure to check out our full beginner’s guide to vaping CBD oil.

How Vaping CBD Works

When you use hemp vapes, you inhale the vapors and cannabinoids into your lungs. You then exhale the residual vapor and the cannabinoids are processed by the lungs. From here, they go to the bloodstream and then to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) where the cannabinoids get to work.

A Closer Look at CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are products you ingest that have been infused with CBD extract. While most people assume CBD edibles are simply gummies, which are the most popular, you can actually find a full lineup of edibles. Hard candies, chocolates, cookies, drinks, and even oils and capsules are designed for ingestion.

Hemp Vapes vs CBD Edible: A closer look at edibles

How to Take CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are most often just chewed and swallowed, such as gummies or chocolates. However, the method of using a specific edible can also vary depending on the product. For example, CBD oil can be placed on the tongue and swallowed, mints or hard candies are designed to be dissolved in the mouth, and CBD capsules should be swallowed whole with a glass of water.

Always pay attention to the product label for CBD edibles. Potency levels can vary pretty drastically from one product to the next, and reliable manufacturers will give clear dosage and serving size guidance.

How Edible CBD Works

When you ingest CBD, the cannabinoid is broken down by the stomach and digestive system along with the food ingredients. The CBD then makes it into the bloodstream and endocannabinoid system to deliver the desired effects. This process can take roughly an hour or even up to two, so effects settle in slowly.

Hemp Vapes vs CBD Edibles – Which Is Better?

Some would say they definitely prefer vaping CBD over CBD edibles, while you will find people that also prefer edibles. Of course, which product type is better can be a matter of preference. Nevertheless, hemp vapes do offer an attractive set of hard-to-ignore advantages compared to CBD edibles. Here’s a closer look at the hemp vape advantages compared to edibles.

1. Experience the Effects of Cannabinoids Faster

As noted above, CBD edibles can take an hour or two to affect you. By contrast, vaping CBD means you get the effects pretty much right away—in as little as 15 minutes or less for most people. For a lot of people, faster effects are much more desirable, whether they are using CBD to counteract specific symptoms or just to relax.

Hemp Vapes vs Edibles: How long does it take effect

2. Higher Cannabinoid Bioavailability

When cannabinoids are forced through the digestion process, they do lose some bioavailability in the process. Essentially, this means less of the cannabinoids will make it to the bloodstream and to the endocannabinoid system. On the contrary, when you use hemp vapes, the cannabinoids are processed by the lungs and go straight into the bloodstream and to the ECS. Therefore, vaping can mean more profound effects.

3. Quick Management of Psychological Symptoms

Cannabinoids like CBD have been shown to help manage psychological stress and possibly deter anxiety. During a specifically stressful moment, fast-acting cannabinoids are especially important. Vaping CBD delivers that fast action, whereas ingesting CBD would mean waiting around for the effects to kick in, so you can feel at ease.

Hemp Vapes vs Edibles: Manage side effects better

4. Experience a Variety of Flavors

Choosing hemp vapes over edibles doesn’t mean sacrificing a flavorful experience. Disposable vapes come in all kinds of flavors, often modeled after specific hemp strains. For example, here at TIMBR, we have Apple Fritter CBG Vapes and Orange Cookies Full-Spectrum Vapes, both of which are formulated with terpenes like limonene and linalool for authentic flavor experiences.

5. Hone Your Experience with Different Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiles

Much like hemp flower, the different cannabinoid and terpene blends in hemp vapes offer unique experiences. This is one reason why people who are more familiar with smoking different strains of hemp naturally gravitate toward vaping CBD—you can pick your experience. Take Fire OG hemp vapes, for example: relaxing and creativity-inducing. Jack Herer hemp vapes, by contrast, are better for uplifting energy.

Hemp Vapes does not involve eating

6. Vaping CBD Doesn’t Involve Eating

Simply put, one of the major hemp vape advantages is the fact that this method of using CBD doesn’t involve ingesting food. Whether you are watching calories, fighting nausea, or dealing with ingredient sensitivities, eating something just to get cannabinoids into your system may not be as ideal as a vape.

Explore Vaping CBD with Top-Quality Disposable Hemp Vapes

Ready to try hemp vapes? Always trust a reliable company that offers absolute transparency where ingredients are concerned, as we do at TIMBR ORGANICS. Take a look at our full collection of hemp vapes, each of which is carefully formulated with authentic terpenes and cannabinoids to be as close to the natural strain as possible.