To say it’s been a long few years would probably be an understatement for a lot of people. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, everyday work life started to look different for a lot of people. So much so that remote work rose from just 6 percent of employees to up to three out of four in some businesses.

Thankfully, the pandemic seems to be on its way out, which means a lot of people are begrudgingly transitioning back to days at the office. They’re trading in their work-from-home stretchy pants for button-ups and slacks, packing up their lunches, and rearranging life. After you’ve been kicking it at home with easy access to hemp flower for hard days, the idea of leaving that behind can be, well, disheartening. Could hemp vapes be the answer? We think so.

Return to Office with Hemp Vapes - The Answer

What Exactly Is a Hemp Vape?

If you’ve been toking on hemp flower all this time to get your daily dose of cannabinoids, you probably prefer the familiar experience. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that. Smoking hemp flower gives you the full spectrum of cannabinoids beyond CBD, and you get to enjoy the unique strain flavors due to the tasty terpenes. Basically, hemp vapes give you the same experience but in a more mobile, manageable, and discreet form.

When you pick up something like a TIMBR Fire OG hemp disposable, what you’re getting is a sleek, portable vape pen prefilled with 500mg of cannabinoid and terpene-rich hemp oil. Basically, the vape has a heating element inside that transforms the oil into an inhalable vapor that is saturated with the valuable cannabinoids you want like CBD (cannabidiol). All you have to do is push a button and inhale—no grinding, no rolling papers, and no smoke involved.

Return to Office with Hemp Vapes - Why Hemp Vapes

Hemp Vapes vs Hemp Flower for Your In-Office Return

Taking your hemp flower or pre-rolls back to work with you may not be all that feasible, at least not for most. In spite of all the attractive draws, hemp flower does have to be rolled, ignited, and smoked. You get the desirable effects, but you can also walk away from your smoke break smelling like cannabis and possibly getting a few hard looks from co-workers.

Since most workplaces don’t embrace cannabis use at work, and smoking hemp looks and smells the same, you could land in hot water just by smoking your CBD. Even though you’re technically doing something legal, it can be difficult for most people to tell the difference between high-THC cannabis and high-CBD hemp.

Hemp vapes, by contrast, are much less conspicuous. Most people will assume you are using a standard vape—nothing against the rules will be suspected. And, since the plant compounds are missing, you won’t get the same level of odor with a hemp vape as you would when burning flower.

Hard to Ignore Hemp Vapes Benefits to Enhance Your Workday

Now that you know you don’t have to head back to work unarmed with no inhalable CBD in sight, go ahead and slip a hemp vape in your lunch box. The hemp vape advantages are hard to ignore, especially when on your way back to the office. Take a look at a few hemp vape benefits to keep in mind.

Return to Office with Hemp Vapes - Convenience


Hemp vapes are small and perfectly portable. You can easily slip one in your purse, briefcase, pocket, or lunchbox. In the case of TIMBR Organics hemp disposables, the vape itself comes pre-charged and ready to use. You get about 150 puffs per vape, which is enough to last you through several work days.

Just as Fast-Acting

One reason people enjoy hemp vapes is the fact that they act just as quickly as hemp flower. You will start to feel the effects in as little as a few minutes. This means you can easily step away when you’re facing a stressful situation, grab a few hits of your vape, and feel a bit more ready to get back to the grind in no time.

Excellent Flavor Varieties

You don’t have to give up those terpenes you love about your hemp flower when you reach for a vape. That is, as long as you are sticking with a well-made product. For example, TIMBR hemp vapes come in flavors like Apple Fritter, Fire OG, and Jack Herer, modeled after the strains they are named for and flavored by authentic terpenes.

TIMBR Organics Hemp Vapes

Need to Order High-Quality Hemp Vapes Before Your Work Return?

As you get geared up, dig out your work clothes, and prepare for returning to the office, you can count on TIMR Organics to make sure you have CBD in your pocket. Check out our full lineup of hemp vapes in different strains to get you through your work days.