Planning to try vaping CBD or other cannabinoids? Welcome to an entirely new world of flavor and an alternative for inhaled ingredient delivery. Hemp vapes and hemp-derived CBD vape juice give you that desirable kick of cannabinoids wrapped in familiar, tempting flavors. You can get your daily dose of cannabinoids on the go—no rolling papers, no dose measurement, and no conspicuous dosing involved.

Without a doubt, vaping CBD has its advantages, even for smokers trying to kick a nicotine habit. However, when you step into the commercial market to pick your vape and CBD juice, you have to be careful. These inhalable products can pose risks if the ingredients are not carefully assessed. Below is a closer look at what to look for when buying vape and CBD juice.

hemp vapes and cbd juice

First, CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Oil

Be sure not to confuse products formulated specifically for vaping with products made for ingestion. CBD vape juice and CBD oil are two very different products. CBD oil is a mixture of cannabinoids and carrier oils for easy dosing. Carrier oils can be anything from vegetable oils to coconut oil—neither of which are tested for safety when vaping. By contrast, quality-made CBD vape juice is made with the oil extracted from the hemp flower. Lower-quality CBD vape juices contain oils commonly used for vaping, as well as flavor additives in some cases.

Base Ingredients

Take a look at the basic ingredients in CBD vape juice. Make sure you are getting a product made with full-spectrum hemp oil. For example, when you get disposable hemp vapes from TIMBR, the disposable is filled with purely concentrated, high-quality, full-spectrum hemp oil. We don’t use carrier oils or questionable additives that could pose unnecessary risks for vapers. Some ingredients are actually best to avoid, according to the American Lung Association, such as propylene glycol.

Proven Cannabinoid Profile

cbd juice and hemp vapes: cannabinoid profile

Check for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) or lab report on the CBD vape juice. These third-party test results will show you a lot about the product, such as:

  • The full cannabinoid profile of the vape juice
  • The terpenes present in the vape juice
  • The analysis results for things like heavy metals and pesticides

The most reputable companies have no qualms about pointing your right to a lab report or COA. So be sure to look for this information as you shop. Side note, you can check lab reports on all TIMBR products here.

The Brand’s Reputation

Check out the reputation of the brand when considering a specific CBD vape juice or disposable. Look for product reviews and make sure the company has a reputable name. Because so many people are looking to try CBD vaping, a lot of questionable companies have surfaced looking to take advantage. These companies don’t always offer the most reliable products and sometimes overcharge for CBD vape juices and hemp vapes. You could easily end up with a basic vape juice with a few crystals of CBD isolate added to the carrier—not what you want.

Product Costs

Compare prices between different companies. Price should never be a single defining factor to consider with CBD vape juice or hemp disposables. Just as low cost does not always indicate low quality, high cost doesn’t always indicate high quality. Nevertheless, make sure product prices are comparable and reasonable. For reference, the average cost of CBD runs between $0.04 and $0.20 per mg, regardless of the type of product.

Hemp Vapes and CBD Juice Costs

CBD Vaping FAQs

Q. What are hemp vapes’ advantages compared to buying CBD vape juice?

Disposable hemp vapes are a go-to for first-time CBD vapers. You get a prefilled cartridge that contains CBD vape juice, and the disposable is small and portable. When the vape juice inside is used up, you simply buy a new disposable. Something like a Fire OG Hemp Disposable from TIMBR delivers 150 puffs and 500mg of cannabinoids. By contrast, buying CBD vape juice means you will need your own vaping device, which can be costly.

Q. Is vaping CBD safe?

All types of vaping are not without risks. Vaping or smoking can be bad for anyone with pre-existing respiratory issues. However, vaping may be a less risky alternative to smoking for some people. For the most part, vaping CBD is fine for most people. Just be sure to trust a reputable product with transparent ingredients to thwart any unnecessary risks.

Q. How much CBD should you vape as a first-timer?

There are no set-in-stone guidelines when it comes to dosing CBD or other cannabinoids. The best bet is to start with a few puffs, see how this works for your consumption reasons, and take more puffs as needed. Make sure you know the potency of the CBD vape you’re using to properly gauge CBD delivery with each puff. Disposables make the process a lot easier. For example, a TIMBR Orange Cookies Hemp Vape contains 500mg of total cannabinoids. So, you’re getting just over 3mg of cannabinoids per puff on average.

Find Top-Quality Hemp Vapes at TIMBR Organics

Looking to take advantage of hemp vapes benefits for yourself? TIMBR Organics offers a full collection of high-quality hemp vapes made from full-spectrum hemp extracts. The only flavors you get are the naturally present terpenes in the oil, our products are always lab tested, and you can count on a reliable experience. Be sure to take a look at our full collection of hemp disposables at TIMBR.

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