Do Delta 8 products smell like anything, or does Delta 8 flower smell like weed at all? With Delta 8 gaining popularity, it’s natural to wonder how the compound is similar to cannabis. Delta 8 provides a range of benefits and has a modest effect on most consumers. Delta 8 has federal legal protection and will have a milder feel than most weed strains. Before trying Delta 8 for the first time, you may have questions about the cannabinoid, including the scent.  

 What is Delta 8?

Although newly noticed, Delta 8 isn’t a recent discovery. It can trace its roots back to the 1960s when it was discovered by Dr.  Raphael Mechoulam, the physician nicknamed the “Father of Cannabis.” Delta 8 does come from cannabis—one out of hundreds of compounds found in the plant. Delta 8 appears naturally in trace amounts in cannabis. However, the compound also comes directly from hemp plants. Since it can come from hemp, there’s more leeway in the legality of Delta 8 products. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States protected companies that wanted to grow and sell hemp-derived products.  

When consumed, Delta 8 interacts with the endocannabinoid system and binds to the CB1 receptors. Delta 8 has a similar chemical makeup to Delta 9, but the effects of the cannabinoids are different. Some users report that Delta 8 will not cause the intoxication more often associated with Delta 9. Instead, the results are mellow and long-lasting.   

Does Delta 8 Flower Smell

Does Delta 8 smell like weed?

Weed will have a noticeable smell that is often described as herbal aroma, earthy scent, and even skunk-like. Delta 8, in its purest form, doesn’t have the same skunk-like odor typically associated with weed. Weed’s smell typically comes from the natural terpenes in the cannabis plant. The herbal scent of weed is considered to be related to the chlorophyll in cannabis.   

Delta 8, without any additives, has no scent at all. However, different extractions will have a smell. The formulations and presentation will alter the scent of Delta 8. You may find that certain Delta 8 products will have that weed smell. However, if you want a discreet scent that doesn’t smell like weed, check out the other ingredients listed on the Delta 8 product packaging.   

What does Delta 8 smell like?

Delta 8 comes in various forms. You can find Delta 8 cigarettes, gummies, concentrate, loose cannabis flowers, and hemp flowers. Each type will have a different smell. Pure Delta 8 will not have an odor, but any added terpenes can make the product smell fruity, earthy, or botanical. If the product advertises flavors like lemon, pineapple, or berry, you’ll note these scents during use.

Reviewing the terpenes gives you an idea of exactly how the Delta 8 product will smell. Any cannabis-infused Delta 8 products will smell similar to weed strains. Other infused terpenes in your Delta 8 products could include pinene, myrcene, and limonene. Pinene has a woodsy odor that will remind you of pine trees. Myrcene will give the Delta 8 an earthy smell with a touch of clove. Limonene is associated with a citrusy and zesty fragrance.  

Certain Delta 8 products, such as edibles and tinctures, won’t have an odor. You may choose to use these when trying to enjoy the product discreetly.   

What Delta 8 Products Smell Like

What Delta 8 products have a strong aroma?

Delta 8 vapes and gummies will have the least strong aroma and won’t remind you of weed. Vape carts don’t create thick smoke and tend to dissipate quickly. Gummies tend to smell similar to fruit snacks. You’ll likely notice the flavoring and sweeteners in the blend for vapes and gummies.

Many enjoy the smell of weed and want a product with the same odor. THC cigarettes will mimic the aroma of cannabis. The herbal fragrance will remind you of traditional weed despite being made from Delta 8 flower or hemp. The smoke from the cigarettes has a cannabis flower smell that you may like. The best thing about Delta 8 cigarettes is that you can get the cannabis flower scent without adding extra chemicals. There’s no tobacco or nicotine in Delta 8 THC cigarettes.   

What effects should you expect from Delta 8?

Delta 8 is often compared to an indica strain of cannabis. You’ll likely feel calm and relaxed while enjoying Delta 8 products. Many like to use Delta 8 at the end of the day to unwind and promote better sleep. Delta 8 has less potency, which is appealing if you don’t want an intense high. You’ll feel relaxed without unwanted side effects from strains like Delta 9 or Delta 10. Delta 9 or 10 makes you more hyper and has sativa characteristics. 

Delta 8 is not the same as CBD. CBD promotes health and wellness but won’t have any psychoactive effects. When consumed, Delta 8 can offer a heady experience, and you’ll likely feel euphoric and happy sensations. Delta 8 could also help reduce inflammation and provide temporary pain relief.

Timbr Delta 8 Smokes

What about Delta 8 THC Cigarettes?

TIMBR Delta 8 THC Cigarettes can offer everything you want from a hemp-derived product. The all-natural cigarettes come from a hemp flower that has undergone third-party testing to confirm potency and ingredients. Each cigarette contains 40 mg of Delta 8 THC with 320 mg per pack. The high-quality hemp gives you a rich, smooth smoke with a flavorful aroma. The herbal smell comes from the Delta 8 flower with no additives included in the THC cigarettes.

Visit the TIMBR website to purchase Delta 8 THC cigarettes and check out other hemp products from the brand. TIMBR also retails pre-rolls, disposables, loose flower, and more.