Thanks to all the new details emerging on CBD benefits, finding people who rely on CBD for everyday ailments is not hard to do. From the young to the old, people are using CBD (cannabidiol) for all kinds of reasons. Pain, sleep, stress—this cannabinoid seems to offer a lot. So, if you have tried a CBD product and were not impressed, why would the CBD effects not be just as satisfying for you personally?

It is very possible to try CBD and not experience profound effects or not notice much at all, but this definitely doesn’t mean the cannabinoid is not effective. There is ample evidence to the contrary. Nevertheless, there can be reasons why the CBD you tried didn’t work the way you expected. Check out what could be to blame below.

The Biggest Reasons CBD May Not Be Working

1. Low-Quality CBD Product

Before deciding that the noteworthy CBD effects everyone else experiences must be something akin to the placebo effect, take a hard look at your product. There is a chance you’ve accidentally picked up a low-quality product. High-quality CBD products that are built to live up to the claims will offer:

  • Third-party lab tests with a verifiable certificate of analysis (COA)
  • Firsthand reviews from authentic customers
  • A known brand name with an established reputation on sites like WayofLeaf and Leafly

CBD Benefits - Lab Tested

For example, TIMBR Organics publishes lab reports for every product right on the website. It’s definitely not hard to find brand mentions on high-authority websites for TIMBR products, and check out this firsthand review for Fire OG hemp disposables.

The sad truth is, that the more popular CBD products grow, the more sketchy manufacturers try to take advantage. Unfortunately, this means the unregulated CBD market is teeming with low-quality products. In one investigative effort, researchers analyzed 84 cannabidiol products and found that less than a third actually contained the advertised amount of CBD.

2. Improper or Inconsistent Dosing

Narrowing down the right CBD dosage for you personally takes a bit of trial and error. Your unique body chemistry and biology can influence the CBD benefits and how it affects you. This is why it is always recommended to start with a lower CBD dose and adjust by a few milligrams as needed if you have not used CBD before. If you’ve tried CBD to no avail, there is a possibility that you haven’t found your “sweet spot” when it comes to dosage.

It is also worth noting that some people see better results with cannabinoids when they are used consistently. In other words, you may not achieve the same CBD effects if you are only taking a product every once in a while instead of regularly. For example, if you have a Jack Herer hemp disposable, try vaping a few puffs at about the same time every day for a few days.

3. Not Using the Right Type of CBD Product

Long story short, if one type of CBD is not working for you, it may just be a sign that you should try CBD in a different form. CBD is available in a growing list of forms, which means there are a ton of consumption and usage options. While the first product a lot of people try is something like CBD oil, this may not be the best option for you specifically. All cannabinoids are processed differently depending on the consumption method.

CBD Benefits - Right Product

Something like CBD oil or CBD gummies are broken down by the digestive system before making their way to your bloodstream. Therefore, it can take longer for the effects to kick in and the CBD may not be as bioavailable. By contrast, smoking CBD-rich hemp flower takes effect much faster. The cannabinoids are immediately processed by the lungs and routed to the endocannabinoid system, which may also enhance bioavailability.

CBD isolate also may not yield the same results as a full-spectrum CBD product. Cannabinoids and terpenes work together when consumed together. If you’re using a product that contains only isolated CBD, switching to a full-spectrum product that offers the full list of cannabinoids and terpenes may be better. For example, Lifter hemp flower is naturally cannabinoid-rich and contains the plant’s natural terpenes. Therefore, some people have a better experience with smokable hemp flower products than something like CBD oil made from only CBD.

4. Not Giving CBD Enough Time to Work

One of the biggest myths about CBD is the fact that it should deliver effects immediately no matter the reason for trying the cannabinoid. CBD effects can be both acute and slow-acting. You may feel some effects almost right away, but there may be no major indicators that the product is working for certain ailments until you have taken the product for at least a few days.

Before you start taking or using CBD, consider the ailments you want to target. For instance, if you are looking for sleep support, monitor how CBD affects your sleep quality over the course of a week or so. This gives you a better idea of whether CBD is working for you.

CBD Benefits - Wait for It

5. CBD Is Simply Not the Right Option for Your Ailment

People use CBD for a lot of reasons, and with just cause. So far, the cannabinoid has been shown to help with all kinds of things, including:

The thing is, CBD is not a miracle plant element that works for everything, even though you can easily find claims online that this is exactly what the cannabinoid is. Yes, CBD benefits are amazing, but for certain issues and conditions only, and should not be treated as a cure-all for any and all ailments.

Ready to Give CBD Another Shot?

Without question, CBD products are not snake oil—CBD benefits are growing more established by the day. So, before you decide CBD is not worth your time, it may be worth it to give a new product a shot. If you’ve yet to try inhalable CBD, be sure to check out the products available at TIMBR Organics.

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