Delta 8 High Explained – What to Expect, When Will It Last, and More!

No doubt, hemp is the rockstar cultivar of cannabis of the decade. The 2018 Farm Bill relaxed laws surrounding hemp-derived cannabinoids, and, in turn, new horizons opened up for all of us. CBD (cannabidiol) may have initially been the showstopper due to its therapeutic nature, but delta 8 THC is coming in hot on the hemp scene.

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Why Choose Hemp Vapes Over Nicotine Vapes

Whether you simply enjoy vaping nicotine instead of smoking, or vape because you're trying to kick the nicotine habit, hemp vapes may be a viable alternative. There are a lot of hemp vape advantages to consider, especially when compared to those nicotine-filled options. We may be a little biased at TIMBR, but hemp vapes benefits are truly hard to ignore. Take a look at some reasons to choose hemp vapes over nicotine vapes.

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