When it comes to buying CBD, not all products are created equal, and this is certainly true for CBD cigarettes. If you’re looking to buy a pack, here are 5 things to look for in high-quality CBD cigarettes!

Hemp has been for just about everything throughout history. This member of the cannabis family was used as a food source, an industrial product, medicine, and of course, as something to smoke. Smoking hemp was something even European settlers enjoyed way, way back around 1492. But, the practice fell away centuries later when hemp was categorized as something intoxicating and illegal based merely on the plant’s cannabis family roots.

Fast forward to today—lawmakers finally made some logical differentiation between hemp and marijuana. Now, that valuable, innocent member of the cannabis family is back, front and center, and rapidly gaining popularity as a smokable product.

From raw hemp flower to hemp vape pens, if you prefer to smoke hemp to get your CBD over other consumption methods, you’re in luck. You even have access to hemp cigarettes, including TIMBR Organics Filtered Hemp Cigarettes, which are pre-rolled and neatly packed with CBD-rich hemp, a filter, and all that flavor. We’d always prefer you pick our smokable hemp over others, but we believe every hemp fan deserves the best experience. So, here’s a quick look at what to look for in high-quality CBD cigarettes made from hemp.

Also, it’s important to note that hemp cigarettes and CBD cigarettes are not always necessarily the same. For instance, at TIMBR Organics, we offer two types of hemp cigarettes–CBD cigarettes and CBG cigarettes.

What's in CBD Cigarettes

1. Cannabinoid Content

When looking for the best hemp cigarettes, one of the first things to look for in the given information is cannabinoid content. The cannabinoid content should be given as a number of milligrams. For example, TIMBR Organics Hemp Smokes have 50mg of total cannabinoids per cigarette and 1,000mg of cannabinoids per pack of 20 cigarettes.

The cannabinoid content tells you how many milligrams of all included cannabinoids you get with your smokes. Keep in mind that smokable hemp is full-spectrum hemp, so you don’t just get CBD; you get a full collection of the many cannabinoids naturally present in the particular hemp strain.

Be leery of CBD cigarettes that claim they are pure CBD cigarettes. No natural hemp has only cannabidiol and no other cannabinoids. CBD isolate is only created by processing the hemp extensively to pull out all of the other constituents, so to have smokable hemp in an unprocessed form with only CBD is not plausible.

2. Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab tests prove the hemp used to make CBD cigarettes has undergone an unbiased examination to assess cannabinoid content and quality. You can determine a lot of information about CBD cigs by looking at a third-party lab report. For example, by looking at our lab report on hemp smokes, you will find out the hemp we use:

  • Has no detectable Delta-9 THC
  • Offers 7.574% total CBD
  • Contains 9.451% cannabinoids

These lab reports should be readily published on websites selling hemp cigarettes so you can verify cannabinoid content and make sure the product does not have any substantial THC content.

3. Product Quality

What does product quality look like in terms of hemp cigarettes? You will want to know that the hemp used to make the cigarettes was responsibly sourced, cured, and properly tested. When high-quality hemp is used in the production of the smokes, you will get the enhanced, flavorful, and smooth smoke you should have. Likewise, the cigarettes should be well-crafted, tightly packed, and carefully rolled for a good, even burn. While you’re examining quality, be sure to check out the packaging. The cigarettes should be protected in a nice container, such as a crush-proof box.

4. Product Reviews

As you shop for the best hemp smokes, take some time to read published reviews to get an idea of the experience other users have had with the product. First-hand reviews can disclose insightful information about certain hemp cigs that the manufacturer may not necessarily provide. For example, one of our customers Robert left a review on our hemp smokes stating:

“BEST CBD cigarettes I’ve tried so far. Amazing taste and premium packaging!”

From just this one review, you could garner that compared to other CBD cigarettes, ours were the best, they had a good taste and were well-packaged. Of course, we couldn’t agree more, but the review discloses important insight just the same.

5. Made in the United States

Legalities surrounding hemp and cannabis are definitely not global policies. Hemp cigarettes you buy internationally may not always contain the most reliable ingredients and may not be made by the same standards as here in the U.S. Because of the unfairly classified past of hemp, hemp farms and hemp product manufacturers domestically are under a lot of scrutiny. For instance, the hemp must be tested for THC concentration before it can be used in consumer products.

CBD Cigarette FAQs

Hemp Cigarettes FAQs

Do CBD Cigarettes Work?

CBD hemp smokes are a great way to get the full entourage of cannabinoids. Since the hemp is cured and placed in the cigarette without further alteration, you’re getting a full-spectrum product. Full-spectrum hemp means you have a greater possibility of experiencing the entourage effect (all hemp constituents working together for a heightened effect). For that reason, some people see more benefits from smokable hemp than hemp extracts. Another advantage, smoking hemp can mean you feel the onset of CBD effects faster than other consumption methods—in 15 minutes or less. Plus, the bioavailability of the cannabinoids may be higher than simply ingesting a CBD product.

What’s in CBD Cigarettes?

The best CBD cigarettes are made with only high-quality hemp. That’s it—no additives, no preservatives, and no added substances. The hemp delivers all those therapeutic cannabinoids like CBD and CBGa, as well as terpenes and flavonoids. Pay careful attention to ingredient lists and product descriptions as you shop for hemp cigs. Some do contain added flavoring. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, third-party lab tests will show you the precise concentrations of cannabinoids in the hemp strain used to make the cigarettes.

Do CBD Cigarettes Get You High?

CBD cigarettes made from hemp will not get you high, so you can smoke them freely without worry that you won’t be able to function. THC is the only known intoxicating cannabinoid in hemp. Since these smokes are made with hemp, the THC concentration is not substantial enough to have intoxicating effects.

CBD smokes are legal in all 50 states as long as they contain less than 0.3 percent THC. Keep in mind that some cannabis dispensaries also sell CBD cigarettes, but these are made with high-CBD marijuana strains and not hemp. As such, those smokes can be serving up much more THC and would not be legal in all states.

Do CBD Cigarettes Contain Nicotine?

Usually, hemp cigarettes do not contain nicotine. The hemp plant does not naturally contain nicotine like the tobacco plant. So, nicotine should not be included unless added by the manufacturer of the product. If the CBD cigarettes contain nicotine, you will see the information stated on the product’s description. As stated on our own product page, TIMBR Organics hemp cigs do not contain nicotine.

Do CBD Cigarettes Contain Tobacco?

As it is with nicotine, you won’t find tobacco in your CBD cigs unless you buy a product made with a blend of hemp and tobacco, which is actually a thing. If you are shopping specifically for hemp cigarettes, simply look for the ingredients or a statement from the manufacturer.

Since our hemp smokes do not contain nicotine or tobacco, you can enjoy a premium smoke experience without the negative effects of nicotine and tobacco.

Save Your Time Searching & Try Our Top-Rated Hemp Smokes

Are CBD Cigarettes Legal?

Maybe you’ve tried CBD consumables like CBD Oil or gummies and think smoking hemp would yield a better experience. Perhaps you’ve already tried smoking raw hemp flower, but have a hard time rolling your own. In any case, we can definitely help. Take a look at our hemp cigarettes at TIMBR Organics, which are created from only the highest-quality hemp plants, rich in cannabinoids, third-party lab tested, and, of course, proudly made in the United States.

This article is not intended to serve as a substitute for advice or consultation from a certified doctor or health professional. Before trying CBD or hemp flower products, it is strongly advised to conduct your own research and consult with a licensed doctor. While the World Health Organization considers cannabidiol to be “generally well tolerated with a good safely profile,” more research is needed to properly evaluate the safety and efficacy of CBD for general use.

TIMBR Organics products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Thank you for reading our latest guide! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to check out our hemp blog for more helpful articles!