Kick Off 2023 By Switching to Hemp Cigarettes

Did you make a resolution this year to finally get rid of tobacco? Without question, there are plenty of reasons to eradicate a tobacco habit from your life. And, most people who smoke tobacco feel the same since quitting tobacco ends up as one of the top 10 New Year's resolutions about every year. Unfortunately, quitting tobacco is also one of the hardest resolutions to keep. Could hemp cigarettes be the cigarette alternative that makes 2023 the year to keep your resolution? Maybe! Take a look at a few reasons why it may be a good idea to trade in your tobacco cigarette for a hemp cigarette for good.

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Heading Back to the Office? Trade in Your Hemp Flower for Hemp Vapes

To say it's been a long few years would probably be an understatement for a lot of people. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, everyday work life started to look different for a lot of people. So much so that remote work rose from just 6 percent of employees to up to three out of four in some businesses. Thankfully, the pandemic seems to be on its way out, which means a lot of people are begrudgingly transitioning back to days at the office. They're trading in their work-from-home stretchy pants for button-ups and slacks, packing up their lunches, and rearranging life. After you've been kicking it at home with easy access to hemp flower for hard days, the idea of leaving that behind can be, well, disheartening. Could hemp vapes be the answer? We think so. 

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Not Getting Any CBD Benefits? 5 Reasons and How to Fix It

Thanks to all the new details emerging on CBD benefits, finding people who rely on CBD for everyday ailments is not hard to do. From the young to the old, people are using CBD (cannabidiol) for all kinds of reasons. Pain, sleep, stress—this cannabinoid seems to offer a lot. So, if you have tried a CBD product and were not impressed, why would the CBD effects not be just as satisfying for you personally?

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CBD Vapes – Why CBD Works Great with Vaping?

Vaping is one of the newest trends to impact people of all ages. Vaping is popular among people who want to quit smoking, those that want a more natural alternative, and those that enjoy the ease of using vape carts to get their nicotine fix. However, vaping isn't just for delivery of nicotine now. In fact, CBD vapes are now becoming popular, and for good reason. There are many benefits to combining both CBD and vaping, which are outlined below! 

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Different Types Of Cannabis Drinks In The Market – Hemp Beverages And More

Cannabis-infused drinks are the hottest new summer drink and with good reason! CBD-infused drinks, like other foods and drinks infused with activated cannabis concentrate, are considered cannabis "edible" (although technically, [...]

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Delta 8 High Explained – What to Expect, When Will It Last, and More!

No doubt, hemp is the rockstar cultivar of cannabis of the decade. The 2018 Farm Bill relaxed laws surrounding hemp-derived cannabinoids, and, in turn, new horizons opened up for all of us. CBD (cannabidiol) may have initially been the showstopper due to its therapeutic nature, but delta 8 THC is coming in hot on the hemp scene.

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Why Choose Hemp Vapes Over Nicotine Vapes

Whether you simply enjoy vaping nicotine instead of smoking, or vape because you're trying to kick the nicotine habit, hemp vapes may be a viable alternative. There are a lot of hemp vape advantages to consider, especially when compared to those nicotine-filled options. We may be a little biased at TIMBR, but hemp vapes benefits are truly hard to ignore. Take a look at some reasons to choose hemp vapes over nicotine vapes.

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