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TIMBR™ Organics is your trusted source for top-shelf smokeable and vapeable hemp products. Shop online and enjoy great prices on our wide-selection of cannabinoid-rich hemp flower, hemp cigarettes, hemp disposables, and hemp pre-rolls.

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Suver Haze CBD Strain | TimbrOrganics.com
Special Sauce CBD Strain | TimbrOrganics.com
Sour Space Candy CBD Strain | TimbOrganics.com
Lifter CBD Strain | TimbrOrganics.com
Hawaiian Haze CBD Strain | TimbrOrganics.com

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Hemp Pre-Rolls

Made exclusively from our hemp flower buds, we never undercut the quality of our products and we strongly believe in providing the best experience possible in every joint and for each one of our product consumers. Each pre-roll is rolled together with a mouthpiece to give the highest flavor and potency possible. Enjoy all of the same strains from our hemp flower collection.

Sample Kit for Foreground


TIMBR ORGANICS HEMP SAMPLE KIT is the perfect introduction to Timbr Organic’s best hemp products. Our Hemp Pack comes complete with our signature best-selling hemp products at over 20% off bundled price. Each sample kit includes:

  • 2 – 1g Hemp Pre Rolls
  • 1 – 500mg Hemp Disposable
  • 1 – 3.5g Hemp Flower
  • 1 – 20ct Hemp Smokes Pack (800-1200mg)

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